Whether you need help generating blog ideas, editing and critiquing short fiction, or help scheduling social media posts, I can help you with all of your writing and editing needs. The following sections are broken down into writing services, editing services and social media services. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have, I’d love to hear from you.

Writing services

I can help you connect with your clients in an honest, meaningful way. I like to think of myself as an ethical writer – I want to support businesses and charities that help people and the world. I’d like to get to know you and your ethos so I can help you form great relationships with your customers. I can offer:

  • Content, copywriting and blogging
  • In-depth short story critiquing/editing
  • Social media content creation and scheduling

Why hire a content writer?

Quite simply, you’re busy trying to run your business and don’t want the extra kerfuffle. You want to get on with what you do best and leave the rest to someone else.

Your website needs to not only look great but be searchable and full of great content. If you hire a content writer, you can let them do all the hard work for you. A good content writer will have a comprehensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your site rank in Google.

I can help you convey your message to your customers in the best possible way. Words can help inspire, move and motivate. Contrived, bland posts written around tons of keywords are soulless.  I believe with every article there’s an opportunity to help people. It is possible to write optimized content to rank in Google whilst writing with meaning and purpose.

I offer:

  • Original, engaging and easy to read content to help you connect with your readers.
  • SEO keyword optimised web content to suit your needs. I can do some keyword research for you or work with the keywords you already have. Either way, I can write natural, conversational pieces to include them.
  • Well researched and passionate articles – more than just words on a web page.
  • Websites – help with static pages such as home, about, services – either writing from scratch or making-over an existing one, as well as blog post creation.
  • Polished articles, triple-checked through Grammarly and ProWriting Aid
  • Adaptable to suit different tones and voices, written in UK or US English to suit your needs.
  • Content uploaded to your website, fully optimised and posted if you require.
  • Ghostwriting: novels, novellas, short stories, articles, memoirs and more. Get in touch to discuss your needs.