Editing and Critique Services

Having been a member of writing groups for over seven years, I have extensive experience of critiquing and editing short stories, novels, novellas, screenplays and articles/web content. I’ve also edited non-fiction such as Chris Fielden’s ‘How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money’ book, plus his forthcoming course.

Web content editing and advice

Need help with your ‘About Us’ page? Have some blog outlines and need help writing them up? Or need some ideas? Even if you just want a second pair of eyes to check for typos, I can help. The words you choose are so important when connecting and forming relationships with your customers. You might be offering the greatest ideas/products/services but if that isn’t coming across to your audience, it’s pointless. Too much jargon, large chunks of text, complex wording and typos can look unprofessional and can result in losing your audience.

I can:

  • Proofread posts and pages
  • Help with keywords and optimization
  • Generate and research ideas for blog posts
  • Help with sentence structure and wording
  • Help make text easy to read and engaging for your customers

Get in touch to discuss how I can help or for a quote.

Fiction editing and critique services

Need your short story, novella or novel edited? I offer an editing and critique service to include suggestions and comments on pace, plot and characterisation too. I give constructive feedback in a friendly, sensitive manner, with helpful suggestions to make your fiction really stand out.

Why hire a fiction editor?

You may be a fantastic writer, but everybody needs a second pair of eyes on their work before publishing.

I’ve been in writing groups for over seven years and have extensive experience with editing and critiquing short fiction, long fiction and non-fiction. I’ve worked on most genres but particularly enjoy literary drama, comedy/satire and travel stories. This is likely a reflection of my own work; I like to write dark, gritty social realism, but also silly satirical stories. It provides a nice balance! For more information about my work you can check out my personal blog here. I’m a fan of social commentary in my writing. It’s important to know what message you’re trying to deliver through your story and take your readers on an emotional journey, with a strong connection to the characters. I can help you bring your story to life and your message to the world.

I thank my screenwriting experience for many of my own writing and editing skills for novels, stories and novellas as it teaches the importance of plotting and planning. I plan on writing a blog to explain this in more detail so watch this space.

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How I can help

My editing and critique service can be tailored to your requirements but can include:

  • Character development and arc suggestions
  • Correcting any unintended tense changes
  • Highlighting any plot holes or inconsistencies
  • Help with consistent dialogue and characterization
  • Pointing out areas where you could ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’
  • Suggestions on structure, flow and pacing
  • Feedback on the parts that really work, as well as the parts which need improvement
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar corrections
  • Re-wording to help sentences flow better and avoid repetitive language
  • A Skype brainstorming session, or consultation following a critique of your story

Your story is in safe hands

I know what it’s like to pour yourself into your work. I spent years writing my novels and screenplays and often use experiences and emotions from my own life. The result ends up being like a little piece of myself, held out for somebody else to critique – and this can be hard to do! I often get too close to my characters and my story to be able to see where there might be any inconsistencies in the plot, which is why it’s so important to have an impartial person read your work.

Through having my work critiqued in my writing group for many years, I got used to sharing my work. I learnt the importance of constructive criticism and took it as motivation. It’s important to point out both the positive and negative in a story and be mindful of the overall theme and message to make sure every scene is designed to carry us through to a satisfying ending. I have a particular interest in female protagonists; nearly all of my characters are female. It’s important to feature strong female characters in books and films as it helps promote equality and inspire young women.

I always point out the things writers are doing RIGHT as well as giving constructive feedback. It’s important to know where your strengths lie. I will always try to be supportive, positive and friendly. After all, you’re brave enough to share your story with me and then, hopefully, with the world.

Synopsis editing/ghostwriting

Oh my. If you’ve ever tried to write a synopsis for your work, you’ll probably know that it can be as hard as writing the novel in the first place. That was certainly my experience! I knew my characters too well and the intricacies of the plot to be able to strip it back enough to simply explain what was going on. It can be much easier to write a synopsis for someone else, in fact one of the main things I learn whilst researching how to write a synopsis was to try doing it for a famous book or film. You’re able to look at it more subjectively when it’s not your own.

I can help edit your synopsis, or if you have an outline I can help make it shine. A synopsis or a treatment is needed for novels, novellas, screenplays, and sometimes even short stories, when sending your work to publishers and agents so it has to be PERFECT. A synopsis is not to be confused with a blurb (the text on the back of a book).

When pitching to literary agents or publishers it’s important to take note of exactly what they want you to submit. Have they specified how many pages or words or synopsis should be? Get in touch to see how I might be able to help you today.


I treat confidentiality very seriously; your work, ideas and contact details will never be shared with anyone. Your work remains your own intellectual property. You maintain all copyright. In order to protect both parties, I may ask that we sign a contract before the work commences.

I sometimes ask my clients for testimonials and a sample of my work to use on this site. You are of course in no obligation to do this.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your project.